Durkeesox has wide applications at open ceiling area, space with ladder area and complex ceiling area in restaurant and performing art venue. Famous customers include WA Dcha McDonalds in US, Eiffel restaurant in Netherlands, and Optics Valley Movie Theater and Ecological restaurant in China.  


Even air dispersion, quiet, aesthetic and elegant, convenient installation

Eiffel restaurant (Netherlands)

Durkeesox has applied at numerous of spaces with ceiling or open ceiling area in shopping mall and supper market worldwide. Famous users include Carrefour (Pakistan, UAE, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia), Metro, Tesco, Auchan, Lotus, Oman Golden Dragon Mart and etc.


The simple yet elegant design realizes user pleasing visual performance. Meanwhile, Durkeesox disperse air through both fabric permeation and engineering orifice discharge, so that air flow is even and comfortable.

Durkeesox has wide applications at areas with ceiling or open ceiling in large space and aeras with ceiling in small space. Al Majaz Park in UAE, Fitness first club in Indonesia, Water cub paradise in China.


Simple and elegant design, even and comfortable airflow, condensation free, quick installation and improving the indoor air quality.

Water cube paradise

Durkeesox owns multitudinous application at spaces with ceiling and open ceiling in specialized market and professional market with famous users, such as, BRM Montreal in US and Ikea in China.


Durkeesox is able to meet different air supply requirement in different areas with even and comfortable user experience. As a standard producing product being finished in factory, the installation of Durkeesox is fast and easy realizing short project installation and convenient maintenance.