Durkeesox is widely applied in a variety of bread or biscuit bake factory, dairy or beverage liquid food factory, health care food, condiment, and snack food factory with a variety of famous customers, such as, Coca-cola factory(Nepal), CA Kellogg food (Canada) and Nestle factory(Australia) and etc.


The even and comfortable airflow effectively prevent the food to be dried. Besides, Durkeesox has other distinctive advantages, like condensation free, easy&fast installation, and convenient maintenance.

Nestle factory (Australia)
Shuanghui Meeting Processing

Durkeesox has large number of application in high temperature cold storage and low temperature storage with famous customers like, Shuanghui Meeting Processing, Indonesia Japan food factory cold storage and Australia Statewide cold storage.


Advantages: Durkeesox offers optimizing working environment to meet high clean requirement with even and comfortable airflow, quick and fast installation, and higher cost effective performance.

Durkee sox is widely applied in electronic factory and IT data center from heavy machine to light engineering, material cutting to precise casting, general technique to special handling. Famous customers: Schneider (Netherlands), RX R- Morrison Philips Job (US), UT O-PA Oracle salt lake data center (US) and etc.


Durkeesox offers optimizing working environment with wind free performance, and the high-tech material satisfy anti-static requirment. Besides, Durkeesox has many other advantages like, quick and fast installation, easy maintenance so that save overall cost leading to higher cost effective performance.

Panasonic factory (Malaysia)
Ports Apparel

Silk Throwing Workshop Weaving workshop Final Processing workshop Durkeesox is widely applied in silk throwing workshop, weaving workshop, and final processing workshop. Famous customers: India choice clothes factory, Kaiwaka clothing factory (partisan), and etc.


Durkeesox offers climate control solution without condensation problem, simple layout, quick installation and high cost efficiency as well as strict control of indoor temperature and humidity.

Durkeesox is widely applied in throwing and wraparound workshop, finished products warehouse, high rack warehouse and other functional area.  Famous users: Chongqin cigarette factory and Wuhan cigarette factory.


Simple and elegant system design, anti-corrosion, condensation free, easy and fast to installation and convenient to maintenance.

Chongqin cigarette factory(China)
CSPC Pharmaceutical Group (China)

Durkeesox has wide application in clean workshop (material, preparations), subsidiary production workshop and other warehouses. Famous customers: Kimia Farma Pharmaceutical factory (Indonesia), Woori All biotech (Korea) and CSPC Pharmaceutical Group (China)


Durkeesox is able to disperse both heating and cooling air to high rack store in Surround and stereo manner, with other distinctive features such as condensation free, constant temperature and humidit.

Durkeesox is widely applied in machining factory, packaging and printing factory with numerous of world famous customers: LM winder power (China), Hyderabad helicopter hangar (India), Trinidad hardware factory (US) and etc.


Durkeesox system is able to provide disperse air to Post line or work sation evenly and precisely with special designed orifices and fabric permeation. As a factory finished product, Durkeesox is easy and quick to install, so that reduce project period dramatically.

Renault Vehicles

Durkeesox is widely applied in Vehicle manufacturing factory, Mechanical component factory and other Auto Parts. World famous usersUT Tesla-Giga factory (US), Ssangyong motors( Koera), Mitsubishi Motors(Indonesia), Mahindra auto (India) and etc.   


Large A/C coverage area, high-elevation space, grid structure, multi-tier equipment layout and post line air supply.