Durkeesox system is widely applied at large space with celling and small space with ceiling. It has  famous users, such as LG Head office in Dubai, Eiffel office in Netherlands, SunGard IT Office in India.


The Simple and elegant design of DurkeeSox® system is perfectly embedded to various office facilities and hospital facilities. The fabulous air dispersion effect offer unprecedented comfort. Prompt installation benefits DurkeeSox® system very easy to install and maintain.

KR Infra offices
Conference hall , China University of Geosciences

Durkeesox system is widely applied in facilities with large and high space. We’re honored to serve users like We transfer hall in America, and reporting hall of CUG in China.


The lofty architecture like auditorium, hall and conference center with complicated features offer lots opportunities to DurkeeSox system to make perfect special design, which provide even yet comfortable airflow, condensation free and convenient installation methods realizing better indoor air quality.

Durkeesox is widely applied at waiting hall, commercial space, and office and device space of hub as well as exhibition hall. So far, Durkeesox has numerous famous users, such as, Mo CFM Show Room in US, BC exhibition in India and Shanghai World Expo, as well as  Northern bus station in Hangzhou, China.


DurkeeSox air duct system has many advantages that the traditional air duct system does not own, such as high-grade and aesthetic, comfortable air dispersion, convenient and fast installation, convenient cleaning and maintenance, it’s the development trend of traffic hub and exhibition industry.

Traffic hub and exhibition center
Shanghai SongJiang University Stadium

DurkeeSox system is perfectly embedded to Sport facilities such as athletic contest stadium, big ball game gyms, Small ball game gyms, Indoor swimming pool & Fitness gym with famous users like, Port court Gym (US) and De Vogel pool (Netherland).


The Pleasant air dispersion effect offer great user pleasing experience. With unique design and material, the system realizes condensation free with convenient installation methods. Meanwhile, the cost performance still remains highly competitive in the market.