Selection & design


Selection & design

Durkeesox is an integrated A/C duct system for air transmission,air dispersion and return air.So far,Durkeesox system consists of insusox(pre-insulated air duct system)for air transmission,Nanosox system,Diffusox system and UFsox system for air dispersion and ReturenSox for air return According to the application environment of each project,different product canbe selected:Nanosox system includes Nanosxo,IRR,and URR;Insusox system includes IN-fire retardant series and IF non-flammable series.Returnsox includes nanosox-retursox and Insusox-returnsox;UF system includes nanosox-UF system and Insusox-UF system.

System selection

How to Design Nanosox System

There is no essential difference between Nanosox system and traditional air duct system design,especially spiral duct.The designer could make proposal by Design manual or Durkeesox proprietary I-sox software.The design solution can be also provided by Durkeesox engineering team,More...

With BIM concept,all duct segments and components of insusox sysytem are designed,producted and installed in modularized and standardized way.More...
How to Design Insusox System