2017 Durkee Asian Distributor Conference

Wuhan- April 12, 2017 –Durkee held its 5th Asian Distributor Conference with great success.

More than 20 representing distributors from 9 countries and sales region participated the ‘one day touring’ in Durkee Industry Park.

“Durkee stars “from different countries signed their signatures, such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Thailand.

With guidance of professional lectures, distributors acquired more about the A/C ducting & thermal insulation integrated solution of Durkee

and how to realize BIM design technology and green building concept into the solution. Therefore, distributors became more confident to expand marketing promotion of Durkee in their local market.

The ‘one day tour’ finished with the awards ceremony which celebrated outstanding distributor in 2016. Five awards were bestowed according

to their remarkable performance.

Transformation creates opportunities, Innovation embraces the future, 2017.

Let’s work together to win more intensive and sustainable development in the global market