HVAC design engineers: how to improve Ductwork design

Today, one of the significant objectives in MEP design for HVAC design engineers is to improve energy efficiency, maintain air quality and thermal comfort.

Energy efficiency, air quality and thermal comfort in a building depend on how heating, cooling and air distribution systems are designed and this is where careful ductwork design plays a significant role.

Durkee, Global leading A/C ducting & thermal insulation integrated solution provider, would like to introduce a revolutionary elastomeric pre-insulated air duct system-Durkduct for your better option of A/C ductwork system.

What is Durkduct?

Made of elastomeric composite thermal insulation material, Durkduct system is elastomeric pre-insulated air duct system, replacing traditional ductwork, plenum, air damper, air vents, diffuser and thermal insulation in A/C system.

How Durkduct improve energy efficiency?

-Reduce Air leakage

Traditional ductwork are connected by flanges, air leakage exists universally because of uptight sealing of the joints. Durkduct system introduces Bidirectional Self-locking Throttling Sealing Technology (BSTS), matching with YKK double-sealing heavy-duty zipper, the air leakage is reduced by 70%.

-Better air transmission performance

Durkduct are designed in round or ellipse shape. Compared with rectangle duct,  the  inner  duct  layer  is  more  smooth,  there  is  no  eddy  zone.  The material of inner duct layer is smooth with less resistance, there is less airflow and pressure loss, effectively reduce the energy consumption.

Why Durkduct improve IAQ?


Durkduct system is made of green material; there is low carbon emission in production, installation and system operation. Durkduct system earns extra credits for green project.

-Quick & Easy Installation/dismantlement simplify clearance & maintenance

Durkduct system are entirely pre-fabricated in factory, it is not necessary to process on site, all segments and components are connected by zippers and installed by cables. The installation time is only 1/10 of that of traditional ductwork, it takes much less time to install while improve the project quality and simplify maintenance.

How Durkduct provide optimum thermal comfort?

-Better Thermal insulation performance

Introducing patented hot fusion composite technology, Durkduct system uses high-quality elastomeric composite thermal insulation to composite with non-flammable air duct layer. The integrated durkduct system has infinite moisture resistance factor that effectively prevent the duct from water vapor permeation. Superior thermal insulation performance significantly reduces the heating or cooling loss in air transmission.

Why Durkduct is cost effective?

-BIM Concept modular design, production and installation

Durkduct system introduce BIM concept into its design, all duct segments and components  are  designed,  produced  and  installed  in  modularized  and standardized way while ensuring the accurate information transfer during each process.  The efficiency of entire process is improved and the material Consumption is cut by at least 30%.

As we know, If the HVAC system and ducts are not designed accurately, it could lead to poor air quality, heat loss and make the conditioned space in the building uncomfortable. With the concept of BIM modular design and Green building, Durkduct is your optimum option for the A/C duct system.







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